Category 2 Technology Neutrality: Equivalent and Compatibility

When creating your procurement documents (RFPs, etc..) and completing your Form 470 for Category 2 Equipment remember that you must be Technology Neutral in listing the equipment and or services you are seeking.

"You cannot specify makes and model numbers from a specific manufacturer in an FCC Form 470 and/or an RFP without adding the words "or equivalent." Moreover, after you close your competitive bidding process, you must evaluate all bids received, including those that provide an equivalent solution.

If you provide a specific manufacturer's name in the narrative field, it must be to indicate compatibility ("compatible with our existing Brand X equipment") or equivalency ("Brand X or equivalent").

If you are requesting basic maintenance or managed internal broadband services, you can specify makes and models to be maintained if you already have the equipment. However, if you are also requesting the equipment on your FCC Form 470, be sure to make that clear on your form." USAC Reference or


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