Form 470 DEADLINE Approaches!! February 27, 2019

Please note that if you must file a Form 470 to acquire E-Rate discounts on FY2019 eligible projects then you only have a few days to complete the Form 470 process. Of all the E-Rate steps required the Form 470 is the MOST important!!!

Having a great plan and a procurement process that is competitive, fair and open prior to beginning your Form 470 is critical to E-Rate success!! Not submitting and certifying a Form 470 prior to the required 28-day waiting and before the Form 471 Window Closing of March 27, 2019 9:59 (Utah Time). That deadline to file the Form 470 for FY2019 is February 27, 2019!!! Hopefully you have yours filed!!! (if applicable)


Contact Jerome if you need assistance!! erateutah@uen.org

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