Quick Update!!

Sorry for the delay in any blog activities. We have been busy with Program Integrity Assurance (PIA) Inquiries among several projects here at UETN E-Rate.

The Category 2 NPRM is still under review by the FCC. The order (changes to the program) resulting from this NPRM could be very interesting or, on the other hand, minimal. However, providing a complete training program for you in all phases of E-Rate is difficult with the unknown factors expected from the FCC Category 2 Order.

That said, we cannot wait for that order as I do not expect any major disruption in the Application Calendar and we must move ahead. Keep watch for E-Rate Training Opportunities to be announced here on this blog and/or email when applicable.


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Due to many schools and districts in Utah not having access to this particular host service this site is being phased out. We will announce the new sources site soon.

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